The Company MARSIG was founded by developers, scientists as well as seafarers of the Institute for Safety Technology and Traffic Science in Rostock-Warnemuende. This reorganisation qualifies the new company for putting engineering and research work for 20 years into products and commercial services. The self-set task of MARSIG is a customer's oriented engineering offer for systems, software and consulting service on the field of maritime engineering, safety, security and beyond it. To put this task into action a staff of university graduates guarantees the day-to-day work. A part of these employees are experienced captains and officers, on the other hand there are the teachers and scientists of former Institutes at Rostock University, Germany.

Know How
On the field of development of products the work is concentrating on problems of visualisation and monitoring in shipping. One example of transforming theoretical knowledge into a practical view is the advisory system ship's safety. The advisory system includes the delivery of hardware and software according to the type of ship and it represents a new concept of safety for ships on the open sea as well as for shore-based companies. In this concept, under control of an advisory system, the thorough expertises as well as an actual description of the ship’s situation and its technical facilities are joined respectively. The application of this system aims especially at ships which are at high risk of damage like e.g. ferries, passenger liners or ships with dangerous cargo. To guarantee a wide range of products international companies are partners of contract.

There is special knowledge available in the following fields:

- maritime engineering and software solutions
- training and education
- safety analyses
- recognition and assessment of hazards to acquire safety concepts
- drafts of safety technologies for ships
- safety management / Security management for enterprises in the shipping field
- consultancy

Fields of Business
Software Development
- Advisory Systems
- Monitoring Systems
- Passenger Information Center
- Complex Software Applications
- Manoeuvring Data

Consulting Service
- International Safety Management Code (ISM)
- International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS)
- ISO 9000 ff.
- ISO 14000 ff.
- Special Ship Surveys
- Preparing of Administrative Documents

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