MARSIG constantly monitors marine regulations and provides a range of marine engineering services that fully comply with IMO regulations. MARSIG offers consultancy and other support for different fields of business especially for systems in accordance with the International Safety Management Code (ISM), the International Ship Security Code (ISPS) and other IMO, Flag State and Port State regulations. The commercial advantage for our customers is the use of our experience in preparation and maintenance of safety and security systems. Many of our customers have been contracted after they already had installed their management systems since they decided to follow our advice and philosophy how to safe personnel and administrative costs. Concerning compliance with relevant mandatory rules MARSIG service comprises the full range of consulting and training activities, especially to maintain safety and security management procedures as well as additional flag & port state and other safety/security relevant requirements. Finally for our customers MARSIG is contact point for all SOLAS relevant questions. That's our goal and philosophy.


   International Safety Management (ISM) related offers

- Management assessment for investigation of company/ship conditions
- Publishing of ISM company/shipboard manuals in co-operation with company management
- Creation, revision or maintenance of administrative documents like safety procedures and company forms
  (see our paper-less MS Excel based Maintenance and Form System
- ISM introduction training for management and masters
- Performance of Initial and Periodical Internal Audits at company office or on board the ships worldwide
- Support in "Non-Conformity" handling
- Checking of shipboard documentation according SOLAS/MARPOL
- Performance of safety trainings and ISM introductions for crews
- Observation of validity of ISM certificates
- Organisation of intermediate and renewal external audits
- Familiarisation of management/crew with new IMO Regulations and Guidelines e.g.: rest time regulation,
  voyage planning, garbage handling, ballast water management, ...
- Acceptance of Responsibilities and Duties of Designated Person (DP) on behalf of the Shipping Company
- Emergency advice/response


   International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) related offers

- Carrying out of Ship/Port Security Assessments for investigation of security conditions
- Creation of Ship/Port Facility Security Plans in co-operation with company management
- Submitting of Security Plans to and clarification of objections with the Recognized Security Organisation (RSO)
- Keeping Security Plans up-to-date
- ISPS introduction for Company Security Officers (CSO), masters and Ship Security Officers (SSO)
- Performance of the required periodical Internal Audits on board the ships worldwide
- Performance of the required yearly exercise
- Observation of validity of ISPS certificates
- Organisation of intermediate and renewal external audits
- Acceptance of Responsibilities and Duties of Company Security Officer (CSO) on behalf of the Shipping Company

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