MARSIG, as maritime service enterprise, was involved in a new ship building project organization and observation, in Goa, west coast of India at the shipyards of Chowgule's company, which secured a tranche of contracts of more than 20 vessels. The shipyard, located 600 kilometres south of Mumbai, has three building berths besides each other. The middle berth will be used as slipway for a longitudinal launching of the vessels. The slipway is designed for ships of a length of up to 100 meter and a beam of 20 meter.

The project organization started 2005 and comprised the management and team building, including the definition of communication, responsibilities, tasks and work steps required to perform the work.

The team consisted of Project Manager, Supervisors and Co-Ordinators, Site Chief Inspectors and other Project Task Members. In India we started with Chinese Engineers, later banded by Indian Administration, to finish the team building finally with 4 Goan's, Indian Locals, 1 Driver and 1 Ukrainian for administration and team leading.

As project management, for MARSIG it was necessary to identify the activities and recourses required to obtain the desired quality and to describe the procedures used to control and to execute the work. Additionally, the intention was to give factual information about the project and to ensure that the entire project organization was properly informed about all major project aspects.

The project organization was defined in budgeting, project planning, plan approval administration, site inspection and administration, comprising:
- Shipbuilders organization, subcontracted works
- Procedures for modification of specifications
- Communication
- Plan approval procedures
- Selection of makers and purchase procedures
- Inspection during construction
- Observing of reliability as required
- Commissioning, tests, trials
- Certification, Delivery

The aim of our site inspection and supervision was, to give the Owners feedback about all premises during construction, test and trials and to ensure that materials and components are installed and tested in a manner that guaranty the functionality and reliability required for trouble-free ship operation and to verify that the ship complies with the approved plans, specifications and requirements.

The site inspection period started with the steel cutting event 2005 at the Chowgule shipyard Loutulim and took until delivery of the 1st ship, end July 2007, with a scope of inspections like:
- Hull Construction
- Surface preparation & anti-corrosive coating application
- Machinery installation
- Electrical installation
- Cargo systems
- Outfitting etc

and preparation of all attended tests, properly planned and documented together with class and ship yard, like:
- Shop test for machinery, equipment and systems
- Tank structural and tightness tests
- Dock test and trials
- Inclining experiment
- Sea trials

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