Technical Management
Our management team includes Masters, Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Naval Architects and Yacht Marketing specialists. Our comprehensive background in the commercial and yachting industry give us the necessary combination for professional approach to a pleasure business. The commercial shipping shows the way and sets the standards. Nowadays classification societies, flag state authorities and insurance companies request a well maintained yacht including an appropriate documentation. This upkeep of a mega yacht is of prime concern but has to be backed by a professional technical management. Furthermore a proper evidence of continuous care of the yacht's valuables gives a better resale price.

Examples of Technical Management:
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Planned maintenance and repair supervision
  • Spare part ordering and dispatch
  • Docking, yard tenders and supervision of yard time
  • Request and follow-up guaranties
  • Storing and contracting
Inspection such as:
  • Hull condition survey
  • Tank coating supervision
  • Regular independent service inspection
  • Supervision of repairs/refitting/conversion of ships
  • Port state compliance inspection
  • Co-ordination of annual class surveys
  • Pre- and purchase inspection

Document Management
The management of yachts and vessels requires more and more the preparation and maintenance of additional documents, booklets and plans. Beyond typical safety and security matters (see special ISM / ISPS chapter) there are different demands to meet like training booklets, national response plans, fire and safety plans, garbage management, ballast water management, oil pollution emergency plans, stability calculations etc. MARSIG offers a wide range of support in preparation of these administrative and technical documents which are helpful and necessary.
Crew Management
One of the most important aspects for the safety of the vessel and the contentment of owner's family and guests is hiring a well experienced and qualified crew. This crew employment includes not only recruitment and dismissal but also crew training and familiarisation, control of qualification and course participation. We cooperate with partners in crew agencies to find the best selection for your team. We will advise you on a salary structure for your crew and manage the monthly payroll. In cooperation with the master we can negotiate seasons activities or scheduling in refit and shipyard time.

Examples of Crew Management:
  • Supervision of recruitment of experienced staff, officers or captains
  • Managing monthly payroll
  • Identifying certificate requirements with respect to all personnel
  • Conducting of familiarisation for company and yacht
  • Records of qualification and performance, contract administration
  • Shore-based support for provision supply, uniforms and entertainment media

Financial Management
With our experiences in operating vessels and yachts we offer financial supervision for all operational costs. When required we will arrange payments to suppliers. The combined planning and auditing of budgets and costs allow our clients to control their expenditures and charter outcome. Even for single events or major refits we may pre-plan the financial part and introduce a budget.

Examples of Financial Management:
  • Clearing and pre-approval of all invoices before settlement / payment (to be negotiated how and to whom)
  • Issuing a monthly account report to the owner
  • Supervision of budget versus debit side
  • Preplanning of annual budget request and statements
Safety/Security Management
Since 2002 the ISM Code and 2004 the ISPS Code are mandatory for commercially used yachts. All charter yachts (>500GT) have to comply with these regulations - other large yachts may correspond to the codes more or less to prove a good management and adequate safety and security precautions. MARSIG can offer two ways, covering the ISM-System with our own DOC (Document of Compliance) or offer our onboard system as Master's Owner standard. This choice depends on the Flag State permission at the end. Very good relationship to different classification societies and flag state authorities will help us to stipulate the way to certify the yacht.

For a security management MARSIG carries out all necessary steps of certification (assessment, on-scene survey, introduction, training, exercises). Together with our training school partner we are entitled from different flags to carry out special 'Ship Security Officer' courses which are necessary for a certification of the yacht. Additionally we have an arrangement with security guard companies. These companies employ specialists who are well experienced in body-guarding on yachts or protecting VIPs during public events or shows. This enables us to cover basically the personal safeguarding of the yacht against criminal acts or unauthorised access. It may consider special demands of certain charterer or event and would be integrated in our Security Management.

As a new service we offer a so called '24hour Emergency response Team'. Especially for US coastal waters there is an additional requirement which will be set in force for non-tank commercial vessel. Our response team implements an adapted yacht version. The team is giving assistance in different emergency situations like inrush of water or running aground. To enrol and implement a vessel or yacht the team would request for different vessel drawings, tables and calculations.

Content of ISM Service:
  • Introduction of ISM-System on board with all documentation
  • Effective maintenance of the yacht's SMS (safety management system)/ overall responsibility according to 'Management Ownership'
  • Carrying out periodical shipboard audits of the SMS
  • Clearing of reported non-conformances with master
  • Filing of all periodical reports and documentation
  • Negotiations with flag state authorities according to all ISM-tasks
  • 24hour shore -based emergency contact
Content of ISPS Service:
  • Carrying out Security Assessment on board including identification of existing security measures, procedures and operations and identification and evaluation of key ship board operations important to protect
  • Preparing the Security Plan including ship operator and yacht details, Security Policy, ship access points, ship access control etc.
  • Effective maintenance of the security management / overall responsibility according to 'Company Security Officer'
  • Carrying out periodical shipboard verification of the security system
  • Clearing of reported non-compliances with masters
  • Filing of all periodical reports and documentation
  • Negotiations with flag state authorities according to ISPS-tasks
  • Offering security guards for personal protection

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