Engineering / Documentation


MARSIG offers the production or recreation of a wide range of plans, booklets and drawings for vessels as per mandatory rules like SOLAS and MARPOL or as required by flag state requirements.

The job is starting with a questionnaire where all relevant data for the document will be inquired. MARSIG negotiates with the approving institute to adapt necessary changes and formats to obtain the approval certificate for the customer.

Following drawings and documents have been produced in the past:

  • Approved MRV Plan according to EU Regulation 2015/757
  • Plan / Procedure for the Recovery of Persons from the Water
  • Approved Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP)
  • Approved Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
  • Approved Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMPEP)
  • Approved Damage Control Plan (DCP)
  • Approved Damage Control Booklet (DCB)
  • Approved Simplified Evacuation Analysis (Passenger Ferries)
  • Approved Fire Control & Life-saving Appliances Plan (Fire & Safety Plan)
  • Approved Polar Water Operational Manual
  • Emergency Towing Booklet (ETB)
  • Garbage Management Plan (GMP)
  • Decision Support Plan (DSP)
  • US National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Manual (NPDES)
  • Fire Operational Booklet (FOB)
  • Fire Training Manual
  • Fuel Oil Change Over Plan (ECA)
  • Sewage Calculation
  • Cargo Securing Manual (CSM)
  • Bulk Cargo Booklet
  • Renewal of old General Arrangement Plans or other technical drawings