#searecs "searecs - the electronic record book from MARSIG"


searecs - the electronic record book from MARSIG

#searecs_logbooks "searecs - log books"


  • electronic Deck/Bridge logbook module
  • noon report included
  • compass correction record included 


  • electronic Engine logbook module
  • noon report included


  • electronic Oil Record Book Part I
  • predefined operations for entries
#searecs_key_features "searecs - Key features"

Key features

  • Easy input via predefined templates, checklists and reports
  • Individual customization of templates, checklists and reports
  • Ship data interfaces for automatic data input
  • Prefilling option through sensor connection
  • Automatic entry creation with predefined rules
  • Simple and clean user interface
#searecs_details "searecs - Details"

Record book modules

  • Modularization of each record book 
  • Entries created manually or via templates 
  • Rule based automatic record book entries
  • Sensor data input
  • Integrated report functions
  • Configurable templates and checklists
  • Filter and search functionality for data view and export
  • Signing processes for data verification

Client Unit

  • Parallel working on multiple clients by different users
  • Full modularization (according user rights and hardware in use)
  • Offline mode to record entries without network connection
  • Mobile Tablet support
#searecs_details2 "searecs - More details"


  • Ship data interfaces for automatic data input
  • Data export to VDR, BAMS and Cloud 
  • Data export to other systems


  • ISO 21745:2019 - Electronic record books for ships - Technical specifications and operational requirements 
  • MEPC 312(74) - Guidelines for the use of electronic record books under MARPOL
  • IEC 60945:2002 - Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems