#Solutions "Solutions"

Over the time MARSIG was involved in numerous projects focusing on safety, security and other fields of applications. Our team connects experienced captains, officers and chief engineers with software engineers and scientists. Together we develop customized systems supporting decision processes in the marine industry.

A development for maritime projects usually consists of:

  • A safety-related analysis of a particular ship or object
  • Customized software which supports the user in the tasks of monitoring and evaluation of processes
  • In case of safety and security solutions the guidance to initialize measures to respond the situations
#searecs "searecs - the elecronic record book from MARSIG"

searecs - the elecronic record book from MARSIG


  • electronic Deck/Bridge logbook module
  • noon report included
  • compass correction record included 


  • electronic Engine logbook module
  • noon report included


  • electronic Oil Record Book Part I
  • predefined operations for entries

Key features

  • Easy input via predefined templates, checklists and reports
  • Highly customization of templates, checklists and reports
  • Ship data interfaces for automatic data input
  • Prefilling option through sensor connection
  • Automatic entry creation with predefined rules
  • Simple and clean user interface

Record book modules

  • Modularization of each record book 
  • Entries created manually or via templates 
  • Rule based automatic record book entries
  • Sensor data input
  • Integrated forms report and checklists
  • Configuarable templates, reports and checklists
  • Filter and search functionality for data view and export
  • Signing processes for data verification

Client Unit

  • Parallel working on multiple clients by different users
  • Full modularization (according user rights and hardware unit)
  • Offline mode to record entries without network connection
  • Mobile Tablet support


  • Ship data interfaces for automatic data input
  • Data export to VDR, BAMS and Cloud 
  • Data export to other systems


  • ISO 21745:2019 - Electronic record books for ships - Technical specifications and operational requirements 
  • MEPC 312(74) - Guidelines for the use of electronic record books under MARPOL
  • IEC 60945:2002 - Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems
#People_Positioning "People Positioning / eMustering"

People Positioning / eMustering

The solution involves a monitoring and control system presenting status information based on positions of persons on board.

  • Localisation of persons on board via wearable tracking devices in case of an emergency
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas e.g. Engine Room and CO2 covered areas
  • Automated mustering of crew and guests at their assembly stations including counting and status information
  • Zone monitoring and evacuation status supports the crew on their duties
  • Search for missing people

Fulfilled requirements and challenges:

  • Innovative strategies and technical solutions to support the crew in case of an emergency
  • Acceptance of crew and guests using devices
  • Protect privacy and sensitive data of persons on board
#Central_Security_Monitoring "Central Security Monitoring"

Central Security Monitoring

Modular Security Monitoring & Control System

  • Centralization of all security relevant systems
  • All in one User-Interface solution
  • Full control of cameras, doors and connected sub-systems
  • Different operation modes like night watch, no guests, etc.
  • Emergency response strategies


Together with our Engineering and Consulting departments we are able to equip a vessel or yacht with security monitoring software and hardware, provide all necessary legal documentation and guides, assist the vessel during certification and even manage it afterwards.


The modular system architecture supports a wide variety of perimeter systems:

  • FLIR cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Multiple diver sonar
  • Fast scan radar
  • Tender tracking system
  • CCTV
  • Door control
  • Intruder alarms
  • Motion radar sensors
  • Underdeck sensors
  • Infrared barriers
#Fire_Detection_Monitoring "Fire Detection Monitoring"

Fire Detection Monitoring

Monitoring system providing a user interface for a fire detection system including:

  • Detection sensors
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Low location lights
  • Fire doors, flaps and fire curtains
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Ventilation

Monitoring system that shows the status of all fire doors and fire dampers in different views. A decks view to show the doors and the dampers at their positions at the ship and a list view to get an overview of all doors and dampers.

  • Decks and list view
  • Zoom view of each deck for more details
  • Status popup windows for each door / damper containing detailed information
  • Permanent connection status for interface surveillance
  • Software based night modus for installations on the bridge
  • Interfaces to sub-systems via Modbus (TCP/IP), NMEA, OPCUA, etc.
  • Panel PC with touch control
  • Delivered with certified hardware for installations in maritime environment
#Decision_Support "Decision Support System"

Decision Support Systems

Decision support includes the guidance to initialize measures to respond to emergency situations.

Decision Support System modules

  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting
  • Damage Control
  • Running Aground
  • Gas Detection on car deck
  • Special purpose modules on customers demand
#Data_Management_Hosting "Data Management & Hosting"

Data Management & Hosting

Taylor-made solutions for data management and exchange with customers, partners and suppliers.

  • Individual data hosting solution
  • Worldwide document and data distribution & control
  • Web-based user interface
  • Functionalities for automatic data management
  • Large file uploads with resizable limits
  • Providing multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads
  • Customized user roles and access rights
  • Email notification functionality
  • Individual status reporting and data exports
  • Modern security standards included