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Briese Research with new digital logbooks from MARSIG

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Briese Forschungsschifffahrt (Briese Research) is responsible for the management of research vessels on behalf of governmental institutes and German coastal countries. The focus of such vessels is to research the marine environment and human impact on oceans and seabed.

Such fascinating fleet has to be provided continuously with enhanced management services and state-of-the-art technologies. This includes new solutions for IT on board and communication to shore and to monitor the ship operation for detailed analytics.

The electronic logbook solution searecsTM of company MARSIG combines a perfect tool for these intentions and offers an alternative to hardcopy logbooks. Briese Research has ordered MARSIG to equip the fleet with this approved innovation.

Dr. Dirk Dreissig Managing Director of MARSIG stated:

As the marine industry develops to become more digitized, Log Books and other periodical notes with its crucial information also move towards electronic recording.

Our company developed searecs to supersede typical paper records like Bridge, Engine or Radio Logbook, but also the entire MARPOL records like Oil, Garbage or Cargo Record with their specific formats. The other key tasks were the interfaces to navigation, automation, VDR and BAMS, the solution for shoreside connectivity and the accompanying necessity to keep the highest level of Cyber Security.

There are good reasons for the use of Electronic Record Books instead of paper logs. Entries can be pre-populated with sensor data, appear in high and usable quality and redundancies are reduced. Rule-based operations support the plausibility and completeness of entries and forms.

And not at last the data from Record Books can be used for detailed analytics like vessel efficiency monitoring and evaluation of GHG reduction measures.

Marcel Deeke, Designated Person Ashore of Briese Research announced the schedule for the roll-out of searecs:

It is intended to equip all research vessels managed by Briese Research with the electronic logbook solution searecs until the end of 2023.

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