#Fire_Detection_Monitoring "Fire Detection Monitoring"

Fire Detection Monitoring

Monitoring system providing a user interface for a fire detection system including:

  • Detection sensors
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Low location lights
  • Fire doors, flaps and fire curtains
  • Extinguishing systems
  • Ventilation

Monitoring system that shows the status of all fire doors and fire dampers in different views. A decks view to show the doors and the dampers at their positions at the ship and a list view to get an overview of all doors and dampers.

  • Decks and list view
  • Zoom view of each deck for more details
  • Status popup windows for each door / damper containing detailed information
  • Permanent connection status for interface surveillance
  • Software based night modus for installations on the bridge
  • Interfaces to sub-systems via Modbus (TCP/IP), NMEA, OPCUA, etc.
  • Panel PC with touch control
  • Delivered with certified hardware for installations in maritime environment