#Decision_Support "Decision Support System"

Safety Management System

Key Features

  • Ship safety monitoring and control dashboard
  • Monitoring view with ship deck plan
  • Drag and drop control for safety monitoring
  • Situation overview
  • Interfaces to other safety systems

Decision Support System modules

  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting
  • Damage Control
  • Running Aground
  • Gas Detection on car deck
  • Special purpose modules on customers demand
#People_Positioning "People Positioning / eMustering"

People Positioning / eMustering

The solution extends MARSIG's safety monitoring and control system presenting status information based on positions of persons on board.

  • Localisation of persons on board via wearable tracking devices in case of an emergency
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas e.g. Engine Room and CO2 covered areas
  • Automated mustering of crew and guests at their assembly stations including counting and status information
  • Zone monitoring and evacuation status supports the crew on their duties
  • Search for missing people

Fulfilled requirements and challenges:

  • Innovative strategies and technical solutions to support the crew in case of an emergency
  • Acceptance of crew and guests using devices
  • Protect privacy and sensitive data of persons on board